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Купить книгу A Dictionary of Economics
Книга Джона Блэка «Словарь экономический» на английском

Книга A Dictionary of Economics
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A Dictionary of Economics
An authoritative and comprehensive dictionary containing clear, concise definitions of over 3,400 key economic terms, this A to Z covers all aspects of economics including economic theory, applied microeconomics and macroeconomics, labour economics, public economics and public finance, monetary economics, and environmental economics. There is strong coverage of international trade and many entries on economic organizations and institutions from around the world. Fully revised to keep up-to-date with this fast-moving field, this new edition expands the coverage to include terms relevant to the financial crisis, such as black swan, credit crunch, Northern Rock, and Iceland, making this dictionary the most up-to-date available. Entries are supplemented by entry-level web links, which are listed and regularly updated on a companion website, giving the reader the opportunity to explore further the areas covered in the dictionary. Useful appendices include a list of institutional acronyms and their affiliated websites, a list of Nobel prize-winners in economics, the Greek alphabet, and a list of relevant websites. As ideal for browsing as it is useful for quick reference, this dictionary remains an essential guide for students and teachers of economics, business, and finance, as well as for professional economists and anyone who has to deal with economic data.

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Автор: John Black
Формат: Мягкая обложка
Размер: 196x129x28
Страниц: 480
Вес: 355 гр.
Издательство: Oxford University Press
Год издания: 2012

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